Today we met up with Chris at the Weebly office and he took us to see their datacenter. Due to security there are no pictures of our trip so I'll try to tell it all here.

Weebly is in the same datacenter as the original Facebook, Craigslist, Twitch TV, and Personally I'm a networking junkie so this was probably more fun for me than Adam, Hoss, and Chase but it was pretty cool to see the servers, routers, and switches that make Weebly run. One of those servers is where this website is hosted which was pretty cool. 

The datacenter was in a location you wouldn't expect; next to some abandoned railroad tracks. Chris said that a lot of datacenters around here are located near the tracks because it was really easy to run fiber connections because the railroads are big open flat spaces.  

- Adam Stavely
01/30/2014 10:03am

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