I didn't think it was possible to see that much of a city in one day. After deciding to do a bus tour, we were able to visit the majority of the landmarks in San Francisco. Many of the places we had wanted to visit later in the week were on the tour, which opened up many possibilities for the rest of the week. Some of the landmarks we visited today were: Golden Gate Park and Golden Gate Bridge, Haight-Ashbury, Fisherman's Warf, Lombard Street, and Chinatown.

The tour included a guide and we were able to stop at any of the landmarks and get on a bus at a later time. The pass we received is good for two days, which means we can go as many times as we like. If you ever plan on coming to San Francisco, I would highly recommend this. That way, you don't have to pay for taxi for every single place you visit. You can simply hop off at any stop and walk around and then get back on. 

We also drove through Haight-Ashbury, which is an intersection in a part of San Francisco that was very heavily populated by hippies during the time of the Vietnam War. This area of the city never left that decade and is still home to many of the people who inhabited it many years ago during times of protest. 

Golden Gate Bridge is a must see if you visit San Francisco. I would suggest that you walk across the bridge and take a tour bus or taxi back to the city. There is a lookout on the opposite side of the bridge where you can get some amazing pictures. You can then drive up to the bluff to get an awesome view of the city and the bridge from above. 

Fisherman's Warf is one of the main attractions on the bay. It has a wide variety of shops and restaurants, many of which are relatively affordable. We went to an In-N-Out Burger, which I had never had before. There are also a lot of street performers on Jefferson Street that are worth watching. You should also go to the Hyde Street pier if you have a chance. 

The last place we walked through was Chinatown, which I can say was without a doubt the most authentic Chinatown I have visited. It is next door to our hotel, so we will be visiting the shops again. It was nice to see an area with such a rich cultural history and some pretty amazing looking food. 

Overall, the first day was incredible and we are extremely excited for tomorrow. We will have even more pictures and blog posts tomorrow!

- Adam Krempasky

01/30/2014 9:57am

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